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TENNIS FOR KIDS initiative 6 WEEK COURSE with our registered Tennis Coach Chris Lockyer – delayed course start 11th June due to bad weather.

Start date TUESDAY 11TH JUNE – COSTS £30 which includes a free tennis racket, T shirt and ball sent direct to child’s home when they register.
Children ages 4-8 – 4pm start.
Children aged 8-11 – 5pm start.

To book the course if your child is aged 4-8, please follow the link.

Tennis For Kids (4-8 yrs)

To book the course if your child is aged 8-11, please follow the link below.

Tennis For Kids (8-11 yrs)

Even if you have missed the first session, you can still book a place to take advantage of this great offer.

Club Junior Coaching Sessions :-

Aged 4 – 8 yrs 3.45pm – 4.45pm
Aged 9 – 12 yrs 4.45pm – 5.45pm

Aged 4 – 8 yrs 3.45pm – 4.45pm

For more information on the above along with any sessions for different age groups contact Chris on 07900 286909


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