Letter From Our Chairman


The Tennis Club has a new coach, Chris Lockyer. His mobile number is 07900 286909.
The first session will be as follows:

Thursday 2 March at 3.30pm and then every Thursday from 3.30pm in term times thereafter. The cost will be £4.50 per session per child initially, though this may alter as time progresses.

The sessions this Thursday will be:

3.30pm Session One: 8 years old and under

4.30pm Session Two: 9 years and older

Likewise, our aim is to put on more coaching as time progresses too. So those of you for whom the chosen time slot is not an option, do not despair. Our aim is to build up things over time. I suggest you contact Chris directly so he can assess demand and likely groupings for other sessions.

Bad weather communications

If you text me your mobile I will put you on a group. So if coaching sessions are called off you’ll get a text from me. I will make a decision by 1pm on the day, and – owing to injuries I’ve had myself on dodgy courts – will tend to be cautious. Feel free to contact me if you think I have made the wrong calls. There are bound to be times I call it off at 1pm only for the weather to suddenly improve, so I apologise in advance for these.

Chris Macleod
07889 181080